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Coolalie Stud

James (Jay) Walker established a stud at Coolalie, west of Townsville in 1966. The object of the stud was to grade up from high Brahman content cows, using Cumberland Santa Gertrudis bulls to develop bulls suitable for the climatic conditions and pastures of the coastal area, and to produce fat cattle.  The venture was successful , the stud topped the all-breeds bull sales and broke Townsville's Bohle Saleyards record fat cattle prices during the late '60's and early '70's.  Tthe stud was discontinued in 1972, the property sold and the stud cattle moved to Garches, adjoining Cumberland at Longreach.  The Coolalie Stud became dormant until a few years ago when Jay passed over the stud to his daughters Katrina and Jayde who now are actively involved in breeding the mightly reds.

Highlights of 35 Years of Beef Production in Western Queensland with James R. Walker